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SBH3 Trail # 45

Good Ol' Fashioned Boning

Skull & Boners Hash House Harriers

Skull & Boners Trail #45!

Hares: Penis Fly Trap & Tomb Raper​

Where: Cine 4 parking lot, 371 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT 06513 

When: Saturday, Aug 19th, 12:00 EST

What To Bring: Virgins for booben, vessels, 5$ for Trail. As always, DRY BAG OR DIE!

Penis Fly Trap and Tomb Raper are cumming in your back door and EXPLODING a trail of debauchery and drunkness; Boner Style!!! 

Watch as Tomb Raper pops her Boner Hare cherry and finally becomes a true Boner! See the spectacle of drunk Penis Fly Trap as she tries her best to remember a trail she vaguely scouted and scrapped 3 years ago cuz it was below freezing temps with chest deep water at the time (little did she know back then what our Boners can handle...). 

BONER DISCLAIMER: don't be a drunk--if you're getting trashy with us, get someone else to drive--otherwise, dd for us!