Skull & Boners Hash House Harriers


SB-H3 4th Analversary 2017

11/17 - 04:00 PM
A SB-H3 Hash Weekend

Join us, the Skull & Boners, as we celebrate another year of getting Boned! If this year's Anal is anything like last years, oh boy, you're in for a treat!

Price: $69
Send payment via: via Paypal. Please send as FRIENDS & FAMILY to avoid the fee.

To guarantee a gimme, register and pay by October 27th.

Saturday Only Price: $40
Anyone cumming for just Saturday can pay $40 for food and trail. Please rego and pay beforehand so we have enough. Gimmes subject to availability.

We will be staying at the Parkway Motel in Meriden again! There will be mirrored ceilings, hot tubs, and hot cops (if we're lucky)! This place is the type of klassy you've all cum to expect from the Boners and we can't wait for you to experience it firsthand.

Moar details to cum as the event draws near!

Via rail:
Amtrak ( - There is a station in Meriden and one in New Haven, let us know your arrival times and we'll work to coordinate carpools.

MetroNorth ( - If you are cumming from the NYC area, the MetroNorth is the best way to go. Depart Grand Central Terminal, and arrive at New Haven Union Station in ~2 hours. We will be organizing a ~PaRty TrAiN~ stay tuned for further details.

Flying In: 
If you plan on flying in, consider flying into LGA (Laguardia, NYC). Tickets are typically much cheaper than flying into CT. There is a shuttle bus to Grand Central for $14, and it's $16.50 for an off-peak Metro North ticket to New Haven from there.

Theme update! Get lei'd with the boners! It's a luau, because November in CT is the perfect time to don your grass skirts and coconut bras. Get ready to drink and feel tropical. The ice may or may not only be in the drinks.

Where: Parkway Motel
1966 N Broad St
Meriden, CT 06450
(203) 235-5800

What to Expect!


4 - 6 pm - Check in 
6 pm (or when we get it) - Dinner, Pizza 
8 pm - Onesie shot crawl ( bring a shot to share at the Parkway) 
10 pm on - Fun times in the hashpitality suite


8-10 am - Breakfast at the hashpitality suite
11 am - Trail 
6 pm - Dinner
Rest of the night - Fun, games, and drinks in the hashpitality suite, luau style


8-9 am - Breakfast snacks
9-10 am - Fatboy Trail
11am - GTFO